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  • Artwork

    36 photos

    An array of photos depicting art sculptures both designed and fabricated as personal art pieces; as well as art sculptures designed by our customers and custom fabricated at our facility. Several of the photos show the stages of fabrication of some of the pieces.

  • Audio R&D

    26 photos

    Audio speaker design and fabrication began as part of a personal hobby project. The complex engineering behind a good set of audio speakers have driven me to do more research and development in this field. My goal is to design and build (in the USA) the most powerful and sleekest set of audio speakers that will wow any seasoned audiophile and revolutionize the audio industry.

  • CnC Routing

    179 photos

    Photos of the CNC router cutting into various types of materials, plus some photo samples that demonstrate the expertise of the CNC router's operator, and the range of the CNC router itself when it comes to precise and detailed routing.

  • Commercial/Custom

    179 photos

    Custom faux "antique" factory window for Ford's Garage.

  • Engineering

    81 photos

    By utilizing one or more of the various types of software available to us for 3D design we can bring to life even the most intricate and complicated projects or we can design something for you from scratch.

  • Graphic Design

    6 photos

  • Hobby Projects

    12 photos

  • Model Building

    512 photos

  • ReelSpiders

    29 photos

    A hobby art project that grew into something more. ReelSpiders are now sold as art sculptures and we developed an web page for them, ReelSpiders.com

  • Signage

    83 photos

    Signs cut out or lasered out of various materials and assembled in-house.

  • Videos

    9 photos